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ACRP Champion Enrollment - FINAL

Through the ACRP Champion program, airport industry executives sponsor their organization’s promising young professionals to become familiar with ACRP research, develop organizational team-building skills, expand their professional networks, and serve as the organization’s in-house knowledge leaders on ACRP’s emerging products, programs, and opportunities that benefit the organization and airport industry. 

For the Champion:
  • To become an ACRP Champion, you must be sponsored by your CEO, senior manager, immediate supervisor, or executive/practice leader within your organization.  Once you have completed the enrollment ACRP will contact your sponsor by email. Your sponsor will need to reply to ACRP’s email and approve your enrollment.
For the Sponsor:
  • On the next page, you will be asked to approve this ACRP Champion on behalf of your organization.
Thank you.
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